28 Aug 2015

Seawolves Plug In New Ice Box

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­A major objective of the Livingston Slone designed UAA Wells Fargo Sports Center Renewal, replacing the aging ice plant, was realized this week. The 40’ long x 21’ High, 75,000 lb, self-contained ice plant unit left Alberta, Canada late last week and arrived on two separate, wide-load trucks on Tuesday, August 25. Davis Constructors and Anchorage Crane set the central ice plant and assembled the cooling platform, while making preparations for final connections.

The new, self-contained ice plant unit is a state of the art Co2 hybrid system designed to support the Seawolf practice ice and enhance building sustainability at WFSC. It includes an energy recovery system that will provide supplemental waste heat to the new WFSC air handler, swimming pool, under ice radiant heat slab, as well as, domestic hot water system. The new ice sheet is scheduled to be made after installation of the ice rink’s new dasher board system, just in time for the 2015-16 Seawolf Hockey Season.