Municipal Animal Control Shelter

Municipal Animal Control Shelter

Animal Control Shelter; Anchorage

Understanding that a pleasant building would encourage animal adoptions, the city of Anchorage asked us to design a new Shelter that would be extremely hospitable to the public. An equally important requirement was a healthy environment for animals of various sizes and conditions. A third major goal was increased functionality and amenities for Shelter staff, whose jobs are physically and emotionally taxing.

This project is about social concern: humanitarian treatment of animals. The challenge for the architect was to design a building that the public would consider as a pet adoption center and not as “the pound”. Every effort was focussed to this end.”Healthy and pleasant” are the two themes that have turned around the public’s perception of the Municipal Animal Control Shelter. Carline Bouilhet, of The Anchorage Times acclaimed the Municipal Animal Control Center as, “the perfect articulation between art, architecture and function…with every detail designed with the comfort of both humans and animals in mind.”

American Institute of Architects Alaska Chapter,¬†Merit Award –¬†Excellence in Architecture, 1988

Municipality of Anchorage Urban Design Awards Program, Honor Award, 1987