AVTEC Student Housing, Seward

AVTEC Student Housing, Seward

Alaska Vocational Technical Center (AVTEC) had grown in servicesoffered and in numbers of students to the extent that some short-term students were being housed at local hotels and boarding houses due to a shortage of dormitory space. In order for the school to grow, it was essential to build a new dormitory.

The new 11,000 SF student housing facility is designed to provide seven “quad-style” housing units and two two-bedroom, one-bath units. A “quad-style” unit consists of four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a modest size living area. There are 24 bedrooms providing a maximum capacity of 48 students. The quad-style units are organized on two levels to maximize the exceptional views offered by the site and minimize the overall scale of the facility. In keeping with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the facility has two designated units, one on each level that contain a bedroom and bathroom designed to be “accessible units.”

This new student housing facility also provides a laundry room and vending area, as well as one common living room on each level where students may gather. There are two office spaces located on the main level. One space houses the security monitoring station for the security cameras located throughout the building. The second space serves as a student advisory space.

The building conveys the message that AVTEC accommodates and respects the multi-cultural population that it trains to serve the Alaskan community. It is a comfortable living space for all who live and learn at AVTEC – those from the smallest of remote villages to those from Alaska’s largest cities.

Construction was completed with an excellent rating from AHFC, the construction management entity. The project had less than one percent change orders, which were for owner-requested changes and additions to the project.