27 Apr 2020

Nvision and Livingston Slone Join Forces!

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Nvision Architecture, Inc. (Nvision) and Livingston Slone, Inc. (LSI) are pleased to announce the formation of the Livingston Slone Studio @ Nvision, a collaborative merger between two of Alaska’s best-known architecture firms. Built upon a solid foundation of common values, unique strengths, and a shared commitment to design excellence in Alaska, the merger expands Nvision’s expertise, experience, and portfolio while establishing a new professional home for architect Tom Livingston and engineer Don Slone, who will serve as the studio’s principals alongside Paul Baril, Managing Principal of Nvision. 

At the Livingston Slone Studio @ Nvision, the LSI legacy lives on. Returning LSI clients will find the same architectural services that Tom and Don have provided for the past 45 years. Nvision’s clients will discover additional architecture, planning, and project management capabilities for government facilities, health clinics, hospitals, laboratories, libraries, marine research centers, museums, university buildings, and more. Future projects will benefit from our exciting new synergy, combined design expertise, and continued dedication to providing superior customer service. 

For more information or simply to say hello, please contact:

Paul Baril, Principal, Nvision Architecture, pbaril@nvisionarch.com

Tom Livingston, Principal, Livingston Slone Studio @ Nvision, tom@livingstonslone.com