Vintage Pointe Senior Housing

Livingston Slone performed programming, planning, design and construction administration services for this 40-unit, apartment style senior living center, working closely with community members and potential residents. LSI received the National Accessible Housing Award for this project.

The design of this senior residential complex is considerate of senior resident’s unique needs while respecting their independent lifestyles. Issues pertaining to congregate-style living, sub-arctic maritime design, panoramic views, and security—all in a non-institutional atmosphere—were successfully addressed. The facility consists of one and two-bedroom units with complete kitchens and washer/dryers, commons area and additional storage spaces. The campus-like design connects two buildings via similar exterior forms and lines, materials, and color.

The design assists residents in compensating for decreased agility, strength, and visual acuity. The entire facility is handicap accessible and features handrails in the bathrooms, kitchens, and hallways. Additional features include increased lighting levels and details including lighted switches and night lights. All kitchens are equipped with safety features including stoves with front mounted hardware, optional handrails on the front edge of counters, lowered overhead cabinets, and easy-to-operate door hardware, handles, and levers. All hallways and stairs were designed wider than required; handrails, 6-inch stairway risers, stair landing resting benches, and contrasting finishes encourage indoor fitness walking during cold, inclement weather.

In response to environmental considerations, main entry sidewalks and drop-off area surfaces are heated for water and snow evaporation; exterior windows have wind/salt resistant hardware; 110 exterior plumbing and mechanical vents are consolidated into four roof cupolas for tight weather control and a pleasing roof line; roofs have snow guards to prevent snow slides; raised heel trusses accommodate equal R-value insulation throughout the roof assembly; and the parking plan is simplified for safe, economical snow removal.