Unalaska Library

LSI provided planning, needs assessment and site selection to the City of Unalaska for a museum and library, determining that the facilities necessitated two separate sites. LSI provided programming, planning and design for both the library and the museum.

Serving a population of over 4,000, the interior of the 9,000 SF library is organized with an open floor plan. The design includes a computer room, community meeting room, children’s reading/activity room, special collections room, reading areas and staff work areas.

To minimize staffing costs, minimal staff have visual control throughout the library via well-planned arrangements of book stacks and interior windows. Staff can easily view reading areas, meeting room vestibule and parking area from the front desk. A direct access path from the front desk to the private receiving area allows for efficient movement of staff without crossing public areas. The arrangement of the restrooms and meeting rooms directly off the vestibule allows the meeting room to be used when the library is closed. Flexibility for future growth is included in the design. Wet and windy climate conditions were also addressed.