UAA Parrish Pedestrian Bridge

Spanning 225 feet across Providence Drive, the Parrish Bridge (formerly Health Campus Pedestrian Bridge) connects the University’s Engineering & Industry Building to the north with the Health Sciences Building to the south.  The bridge joins two vital academic precints on campus, enhancing academic collaboration, promoting a pedestrian friendly campus, and providing a safe, secure and weather protected means of travel across Providence Drive. The iconic architecture is highly visible to users of Providence Drive including students, staff, and visitors of the UAA, APU, API, and Providence Hospital campuses, and to surrounding community members alike.

The location of the bridge provides an opportunity to fulfill many of the broad visionary principles outlined in the 2013 UAA Campus Master Plan. Spanning the most heavily traveled arterial through campus, the Pedestrian Bridge serves as a striking gateway and entrance to the University and to the larger U-Med District. The bridge fulfills an opportunity to expand the connection to neighboring community partners and to develop and promote a pedestrian-friendly campus in accordance with the Master Plan.