NOAA Ted Stevens Marine Research Institute

Livingston Slone’s design project featured in R&D Magazine’s Newsletter, Laboratory Design, in April 2008

NOAA National Marine Fisheries Research Laboratory; Juneau
Located at Lena Point north of Juneau, the NOAA Ted Stevens Marine Research Institute, home to the Alaska Fisheries Science Center and Auke Bay Laboratories, provides a state-of-the-art research facility with sufficient space, of sufficient quantity and quality, to support the science that is the foundation of policy and management process for the region’s marine resources.  Built on a reclaimed rock quarry, the Institute houses a two-story 20,000 square-foot laboratory building and a 28,000 square-foot office building, providing individual workspaces for 90 researchers and administrators.  Two separate support buildings—a seawater well/pump house and the filtration building—are south of the main building in a screened service yard.   A gravity-fed, sand-filtered seawater system delivers up to 1200 gallons per minute of filtered seawater to a 2000 square-foot wet laboratory.  Extra capacity is built into the supply and treatment sides of the seawater system to accommodate the needs of an outdoor laboratory as well as the neighboring UAF Fisheries laboratory.

American Institute of Architects Alaska Chapter, Merit Award – Excellence in Architecture, 2008                                          American Institute of Architects Northwest & Pacific Region, Merit Award – Excellence in Architecture, 2009