Fort Richardson Troop Health Clinic

Livingston Slone was the architect for Bristol Construction for a Design Build Team on this 36,000 SF Troop Health Clinic (THC) at Ft. Richardson, Alaska. The THC is programmed primarily to support active duty soldier care through primary care, physical therapy, physical exam, optometry, mental health, preventive medicine and a compliment of ancillary services (pharmacy, water & IH lab, and imaging). The facility is designed to rigid US Army standards, JCAHO Environment of Care and the AIA Guidelines for Health Facilities.

Spaces include 13 exam rooms (including one isolation suite for infection control with 100% single-pass exhaust air), lab suite, hydration observation, immunization room, phlebotomy, imaging suite, hearing screening, optometry clinic, pharmacy suite, counseling areas including group therapy, a large physical therapy suite, patient education areas, case management, clinical support and staff offices.

The single story structure incorporates the local Post’s architectural vernacular while signaling an inviting state of the art medical character. Exterior materials include a mix of glass and metal curtainwall, masonry wainscoting and aluminum siding. Daylight is introduced to the large interior waiting areas via clerestories, enhancing the patients experience and ensuring acoustical privacy. All staffed offices are located on the plan’s perimeter to take advantages of daylight and distant views.