BBAHC Dental Clinic & Administrative Office

Currently in construction, Livingston Slone designed the Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation’s latest addition to its Kanakanak hospital campus.  The two story building includes a long-anticipated 12-chair dental clinic on the first floor and administrative offices on the second floor.  The Kanakanak campus serves as a regional hub and this building will be instrumental in providing services to outlying areas, as well as expanding capabilities on campus.

Travelling dental care providers often take medical supplies with them, supplies which are stored in the hospital and bundled for transport by van or pickup to a small plane. Current operations require pushing supplies a long distance by hand to a loading dock that was designed for commercial trucks, which are much taller than the vehicles used for dental supplies. The new clinic provides medical storage, packaging space, and a loading dock, all in one location. The new loading dock has been designed specifically for smaller delivery vehicles.

This project utilized the CM/GC design assist delivery method.  Roger Hickel Contracting, the selected contractor, is scheduled to complete construction late summer of 2016.