Annette Island Service Unit

As the interior/medical architect for the 32,000 SF Annette Island Service Unit, Livingston Slone provided the design for a primary care clinic including an emergency room (24-hour access), dental operatory, general health clinic, mental health counseling center, physical therapy section, pharmacy and administration under one roof.

In a small rural community, especially one that is isolated from others, ensuring privacy and confidentiality is essential. For this clinic, the counseling center has a private entrance and waiting area, far from the general entrance. From the main lobby, a client can be directed toward the dental waiting area, the primary clinic waiting areas and the pharmacy. They can also be directed to the mental health area via a separate, private stairway.

The design also respects the Tsimshian Indian culture, providing a spiritual quiet room that can also provide “spill-over” waiting area for the emergency room.  The clinic was intended as a community gathering area, so the general shape of the building conveys the architecture of traditional longhouses.