Alaska Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory

The state-of-the-art Alaska Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory is extraordinary in function and design. The only accredited forensic laboratory in Alaska, the facility is capable of processing all crime scene evidence from across the state and contains specialized space to store and preserve evidence that new technologies may solve in the future.
The laboratory floor plan facilitates solving the technical complexities of forensic science. The design respects the fragility of evidence while specialty forensic spaces include a firing range for ballistics analyses, a blood spatter room, and a DNA amplification lab.

The building is infused with natural light and the exterior’s unique glass cladding system is made of a custom extruded curtain wall frame provides high thermal value and 50-year durability. The bold pattern mimics the DNA barcode notation used by scientists. Additional elements symbolic of forensic science are the “broken glass” flooring pattern at circulation nodes; a fingerprint pattern inlay in the central lobby floor; and the use of glazed resin panels with stenciled and embedded forensic images and patterns.

American Institute of Architects Alaska Chapter, Merit Award – Excellence in Architecture, 2012
ASHRAE Technology Award, Honorable Mention for energy efficient design, 2014